Colour Sketch


yo said...

Good but need to work more on human body & faces

nirmala said...

WOW!!!!Great sketch

rahul said...

kool work yaar!!!!!!
& nice colours.

rupesh said...

hey yo ,
you are right,i really need to work more on human anatomy "Personally I'm always ready to learn,
thanks ,

nirmala thanks a lot ,

hey rahul,
welcome to my blog ,

miriam h..... said...

hey hey! thanks for your comment!!
I like so much what you said me!
your work is fantastic too,
I have linked you!!
un beso! from barcelona

kookiejar said...

Hey Rupesh.... thanx for ur comment! N yes...... the fight continues..... till then i can assure u mutual admiration...... ur work rocks too..... loved ur self portrait!
will come back for more.....

vikrant said...

HI Rupesh,
saw your concept arts,really like it.may i know from which college you are?
keep it up.

rupesh said...

Hi perditah ,
welcome to my blog and
thanks for adding me as a friend , I really enjoy your blog.

Good evening kunal,
I really like your blog.
and thanks 4 u r comment !!

Hi Vikrant !
This is rupesh from L.S.Raheja School Of Art bandra .pass out seans 2005,
I think i know u !
you were my senior ...
Nice 2 meet u here !!!

Sumeet Surve said...

HI! Rupesh, some nice work here, I like the color patches on the body. Will come back for more.

ABHIJEET said...
check it

rupesh said...

sumeet sir ,
Glad to see you here .and thanx for ur comment!!


Hi abhi,
Nice site , thanks. I really liked it!!

arvindh said...

I love this one- excellent work!

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